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Priorities App - Order your Priorities and Tasks

4.8 ( 9888 ratings )
유틸리티 생산성
개발자: Thomas Sillmann
1.99 USD

Find out whats important. Order your priorities.

Priorities App is the new and intuitive app to find out whats important and to manage your tasks! It has one main task: It supports you to find out whats really important to you! Create a new priority list, add your pirorities to it and then use the app to see what has the highest priority!

And you can not only order your priorities. Furthermore you can transfer your priorities fast and easy into a todo list to handle your priorities as separate tasks. So you does not only see, whats really important, but also what has to be done first!

The Priorities App supports you by sorting your priorities for specific topics so that you can find out what’s really important to you. It was developed to help you solve this one little task; no more, no less. It playfully supports you by comparing all given priorities and to filter out the most important ones. Furthermore you can use your sorted priorities as tasks and so use Priorities App as a little, powerful and helpful todo application.

Priorities App supports you to concentrate on the really important things in your life and to worry less about all the things and stuff that circle around your head. With its clear interface Priorities App is easy, simple and intuitive to use and fast determines the things that are really important to you, so you can fully concentrate on those important things.

The features of the Priorities App at a glance:
- Management of priority lists with all important and related priorities youve created
- Playful comparison of all your created priorities
- Presentation of the main priorities for you
- Transfer your priorities into todos