Priorities App - Order your Priorities and Tasks App Reviews

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Disappointed but hopeful

Meh, it was a bit of a let down after I bought it. It feels, looks and works like a free app only thankfully there are no ads. The IDEA of this app is great; detailed descriptions of your priorities and boom the list is made in order for you. If only the app were more appealing, easy to use, not so bulky and ... It's just missing something that's all there is to it. If they can fix that and make it more personal and / or improved the things I mentioned above, I'd be happy to give it 5stars. I'm giving it 3 as of now because I have hope that with such a good idea they can come up with a more suitable app.

Determines Which Step To Take Next

Have you ever had a large project, and you didn’t know where to start? Never fear, this app is here! First you put in all the tasks or elements of your project. Then the app runs an algorithm and compares all of the items. The more items that you have on your list, the more comparisons that need to be done. You choose between A and B…B and C…A and C, etc. By choosing which item is more important than the other, the app determines the order that the tasks should be done in. Recently, an upgrade was done, and now you can use the list as a to-do list and check off the items as they are done. Great app!

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